Information required for the business card

Prepare to contact our consultant. Most likely you will need to provide the following information. Depending on the industry and your expectations, not all data will be required.

  • Do you have a www domain?
  • Will you redirect the domain to our servers yourself?
    • No → we need access data to the domain
  • Should the website start with www or not? ( /
  • Defining from 1 to 3 banners and content on these banners and selected graphics
  • Text in the "About us" section, company description approx. 1000 characters
  • Text in the "Offer" section, description of the company's services, the ability to add photos
  • Contact email address (to which messages from the contact form will be sent)
  • Head office address and company details
    • Company name
    • Street, building number
    • Post code, city
    • Tax ID
    • Phone number
    • E-mail adress
  • Selected page layout
  • Company slogan (if any)
  • Keywords relating to the industry and services offered