Applications are designed according to the latest trends using tools provided by Android Developers. We use the latest libraries from the Android Jetpack set. The applications we create are compatible with Android 5.0 and up. In special cases, it is possible to lower the minimum required operating system, but this involves additional workload.


All applications are prepared with care. We have been using best practices for iOS applications for years. We use proven solutions provided by Apple.

Project duration

The Android project, depending on the complexity, is implemented within 3 to 12 months. We also provide a long-term partnership service. We ensure application compatibility with the latest system versions and library updates.

Tall buildings


Each mobile application starts with the initial arrangements and customer requirements. If necessary, we can design the appearance of your application. We start working on functionalities only after the client has accepted the graphic version. During the programming work, it is not possible to make any graphic changes.

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