Partnership with Mobilesoft

Based on long-term cooperation, we offer continuous delivery of ordered products with constant settlement. An example of a situation here is the creation of many pages as part of the concluded contract for building a back-end or creating an advanced SaaS system that will require long-term cooperation.

We also offer creating mobile applications with monthly, quarterly or annual billing. Some projects require many months of work, and after their completion, technical support or development of the application and its functionality is still needed.

Promotion of the company, website, application

We will help you attract customers by optimizing and promoting your website or application. We will prepare the necessary information, texts, photos as well as a personalized marketing plan. Thanks to this, you will get what you need at a low price.

Promotion of the company

od 19 PLN / mo
  • Make your presence known in the internet world and gain new customers
  • Minimum period of cooperation: 1 year

Website promotion

od 29 PLN / mo
  • Get unique users and increase the audience
  • Minimum period of cooperation: 1 year

Promotion of the application

od 49 PLN / mo
  • Increase the number of installations of your application and get new users
  • Minimum period of cooperation: 1 year


Through the experience gained, we offer consulting on various IT issues. As part of the cooperation, our team can prepare appropriate documents describing and explaining specific issues. There is also a possibility of meeting and continuous contact regarding substantive assistance in your project.

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Application optimization
  • System security
  • Implementation of mobile applications
  • Google maps and firebase services
  • Smart home
  • Speech recognition and processing