Website, blog, business card

The system is intended for creating basic pages and developing advanced websites on its basis. Thanks to the use of a modular structure, it is possible to add many extras, such as an online store, pricing, restaurant menu, hotel booking or individual functionalities. Everything works as one unit and is shared from our servers.

After the start of cooperation covering the website, we will connect your domain to our system, and you will receive data for your website panel. From there, you will be able to make any changes, edit subpages and add new content, access to appropriate functionalities depends on the selected package.


Web card

9 PLN / mo
  • one menu
  • banners with text
  • about us section
  • offer section
  • contact form
  • map
  • 1 of 10 appearances
  • many subpages
  • gallery
  • realizations
  • many languages
  • news / articles

Web site

89 PLN / mo
  • few menus
  • banners with text
  • up to 9 subpages
  • gallery
  • realizations
  • news / articles
  • up to 2 languages
  • map
  • 1 of 10 appearances
  • individual modules
  • individual page look

Web system

od 169 PLN / mo
  • unlimited menus
  • banners with text
  • unlimited number of subpages
  • gallery
  • realizations
  • news / articles
  • up to 9 languages
  • map
  • individual modules (orders, configurator, calculator, restaurant menu, etc.)
  • individual page look


All prices are net prices.


Mobilesoft CMS capabilities



Advanced subpage editor

Possibility to freely format the content and apply translations. Nesting subpages, address configuration, choosing a template and the main photo are just a few of the functionalities offered by the subpage editor.



Easily configurable menu

Thanks to the drag and drop system, you can easily arrange the order of items on the list. Creation of multi-level structures and simple selection of the target address



Multiple languages

All website elements, i.e. subpages, menus, names, texts, allow you to enter content in different languages.




If the subpage address has changed, you can easily redirect it to another subpage without any help. All you need to do is enter the redirect address and the target page.



Contact form and google maps

Along with our system, we offer a ready contact form and a map attached to indicate the company's seat. Simple setup is all it takes to get started.


Other functionalities

  • Newsletter
  • Galleries
  • Texts
  • List of modules
  • Search engine

Mobilesoft CMS modules

For projects that enable the integration of modules, you can order one of the following. Remember that with the number of modules, the price for the entire page may also increase. All of them have been tested and are constantly being developed. If no module fits your needs, we will prepare an individual module just for your website. Just contact us and arrange the details.


  • Project price calculator
  • Restaurant or bar menu
  • Ordering services
  • Product or service configuration
  • Submitting job applications
  • Organization of working time
  • Warehouse and goods
  • Employee time management
  • Vacation management

Additional services

When ordering one of the offers from us, you can also count on technical and substantive support. We try to maintain constant contact with each client and inform them about current matters, as well as help them in appropriate actions and choices. In addition to standard services, we also deal with:


Maintenance on the server

If you already have your website and you do not want a new one, but you are looking for a stable place for your website, you can get it from us.


Domain selection

Choosing a domain is of great importance not only when it comes to positioning, but also the brand of your company or service and the ease of remembering it by customers. Therefore, it is worth considering this choice, and we can help



If you want to reach customers from abroad, you must prepare the website for their needs. Our cooperation with translators of many languages comes to the rescue. We will prepare the relevant documents and commission their translations. We will automatically import translated texts, so you don't have to worry about anything.



For search engines, the quality of the texts placed on the website is of great importance, but not only that, your visitors do not want to see bad clumps of sentences, but prefer thoughtful and stylistic content. Our contacts with trusted copywriters will make it easier for you to think about the relevant content on your website.