The offer below is not final. After sending the order, we will prepare the relevant documents and present the final quote. You will be able to change the order parameters and add special services.

Web site

89 PLN / mo
  • few menus
  • banners with text
  • up to 9 subpages
  • gallery
  • realizations
  • news / articles
  • up to 2 languages
  • map
  • 1 of 10 appearances
  • individual modules
  • individual page look

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What\'s Next?

  • 1
    We will contact you to arrange the details

    Depending on the selected option, we will need information about the service provided from you. For example, in the case of a business card, it can be a description of the offer, company contact details, completed projects, etc.

  • You pay the order

    Along with the consent to provide the service, we will send you a settlement document with information about the work to be performed as well as the amount and bank account number to which the payment must be made.

  • 3
    Service implementation and launch

    After receiving the payment, we carry out and start the ordered service. We enter the necessary data and contact you to confirm the correctness of the performance. In case of non-compliance, we make the necessary corrections

  • Contact and maintenance

    We stay in touch with you, fix errors and maintain the service throughout its duration.