System for bars and restaurants - menu planning and automatic social media

Project information

Category: Website

Duration: 1 miesiąc


Our project, the idea of which emerged during the pandemic, as a software company, we were looking for opportunities to help the victims and those who suffered the most from this situation. As you know, the catering industry had a hard time in 2020 and 2021. That is why we have made our system available to all willing bars and restaurants for free. Only a few options were charged a small fee.

Our team set up an elegant one-page website to research the market demand. The graphic designers took care of a nice visual setting, and the frontend team created a responsive website in a few days, allowing for quick and effective familiarization with our web application.

Currently, the system is in beta version, work is underway to solve any problems and add the necessary functionalities. We plan to create native mobile applications that allow you to operate the system from the phone.

Screenshots from project